878 Liquid IGF-1 by GPR Nutrition

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878 is our flagship insulin-like growth factor-based dietary supplement; also known as: IGF-1. Our IGF-1 formula carries a potency rating of 30C.  This product is especially powerful when stacked with other supplements, acting as a powerful amplifier.  Results include incredible energy, unmatched stamina and increased lean muscle mass.  Your body WILL transform. 

878 controls and mediates the effects of growth hormone in the human body. IGF-1 stimulates systemic body growth and has growth promoting effects on almost every cell in the body such as: muscle, cartilage, bone, skin and more.  This ingredient can be thought of as the road map for your muscle tissue; directing every cell that has to do with getting bigger, faster and stronger!

  • Increased metabolism 
  • Unrivaled Energy 
  • Improved muscle tone & definition 
  • Mental clarity & memory
  • Increased strength 
  • Enhanced lean muslce mass 
  • Muscle recovery & repair 
  • AND MORE!! 

85 Reviews

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    Posted by Jake Josephs on Sep 4th 2017

    yes ladies n gentelmen its very legit!

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    Posted by Karen Harper on Sep 1st 2017

    It definitely does what it says. My metabolism speed up a lot. I noticed I started to get hungry almost immediately after I ate. I thought something was wrong but then I called GPR and the guy said it was normal when using the 878. I couldn't believe how fast I was toning up. Some ladies from my spin group wanted to know what I was on so I told them about my secret lol

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    5 STARS!!

    Posted by U Yarder on Aug 30th 2017

    5 STARS!!

  • 5

    Posted by Beth Cooper on Aug 24th 2017

    Really really great product! The results were incredible!!

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    Posted by Thomas Harris on Aug 22nd 2017

    Heard about the 878 when GPR came to Myrtle Beach, SC. The rep was HUGE and recommended me this IGF-1 product. So me and my buddy got a few bottles and it's the best hundred I ever spent. Veins all over my forearm, body fat went down, great energy when training, not sore after heavy workouts i mean this stuff is VERY legit!

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    awesome product!

    Posted by T R on Aug 18th 2017

    insane supplement i never felt so damn good my entire life.

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    Posted by Mark Davis on Aug 13th 2017

    How do u guys keep making stuff like this?!! THE BEST!!!

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    Posted by Emmanuel Yervera on Aug 8th 2017

    I gave this stuff a try the other month. body fat dropped 3%, got toned and metabolism is off the charts. I just ordered a 6 month supply. Hopefully it can help me out through all these holiday meals lol

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    couldn't believe it!!

    Posted by Derek F on Aug 3rd 2017

    I started using this product a few weeks back and immediately noticed that little pudge on the bottom of my stomach going away lol. started getting hungry every hour from burning almost anything I ate right away. veins, definition, wasn't getting sore after workouts and just felt amazing. it's pretty incredible, u just have to give it a try. I'm writing this review and I just noticed they lowered the 1oz to 70 bucks and can get doublt for 100...SCORE!! lol i bought this when it was selling for $99 hahaha. it's gonna be a great day! :)