DyVarzine by GPR Nutrition

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DyVarzine is an absolute necessity for competitors, strength athletes and hardcore gym enthusiasts alike!  Our in-house blend and mixture of 3 key ingredients will have you pushing your physical limitations.  Customers can expect to see - and feel - results in as little as 1 week.  

Vacillating pumps, tightening of skin, reduction in body fat and increase in lean, dry muscle mass are to be expected.  Oh, and did we mention?  DyVarzine is also our best product for adding strength! 

What is in DyVarzine, anyway? 

Key Ingredients: 

19-Nor DHEA

What are some benefits of 19-Nor DHEA? 

- Dry and lean muscle growth 

- Increase in red blood cells 

- Joint support and healing benefits 

7-Hydroxy DHEA

What are some benefits of 7-Hydroxy DHEA?

- Promote weight loss 

- Increase lean body mass 

- Strengthen immune system 

- Anti-aging effects 

- Increased muscle growth and responsiveness 

1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one 

What are some benefits of 1-Andro? 

- Powerful metabolite of DHEA 

- Leaning & hardening agent 

- Rapid fat loss 

- Incredible muscle & strength gain 

What can I expect to see from DyVarzine?

On average, users will begin to see/feel results in as little as 5 days.  Your muscles will feel a bit more 'full' than usual and look for incredible pumps during your workouts.  By the second week, you will notice a significant increase in strength and the scale will reflect changes as well.  

7 Reviews

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    Thank you!

    Posted by Sierra E. on Dec 15th 2019

    Prepping for a show this upcoming spring and I was told about dyvarzine by a friend. I've been kidna skeptical for a lot of products with bodybuilding but this one i'm actuallyt surprised by. good pumps in the gym and thank God this belly is melting. I called the company for help ordering and they were very nice helping even gave me a shirt lol thank you!!

  • 5
    Loving the gains

    Posted by Jim Okoji on Dec 3rd 2019

    swelling up! solid!

  • 5
    good stuff!

    Posted by Tavarris Hamilton on Nov 28th 2019

    awesome stack!

  • 5

    Posted by Mitch L on Nov 6th 2019

    crazy feeling 1 bottle in. very impressed so far and i'm alreadyup 6lbs lol

  • 5
    CRAZY strength!!

    Posted by Mason Davis on Nov 2nd 2019

    Awesome product. Love the gains I'm seeing on lifts just ordered my 2nd bottle!

  • 5
    Solid 5 stars

    Posted by L Harper on Oct 31st 2019

    do it. it's worth every penny.

  • 5

    Posted by Quentin Alejandro on Oct 19th 2019

    hit a PR of 335 on flat bench today. original pr was 290. I'm sold lmao