878 Liquid IGF-1
878 Liquid IGF-1
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878 Liquid IGF-1

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878 is our flagship insulin-like growth factor-based dietary supplement; also known as “IGF-1”.   You will feel the impact of 878 as it surges through your body.    Our IGF-1 formula carries 30C potency.  This product is especially powerful when stacked with other supplements, acting as a powerful amplifier.  Results include incredible energy, unmatched stamina and increased lean muscle mass.  Your body WILL transform.  


IGF-1 stands for “Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1”.  This ingredient is insulin-like.  It controls and mediates the effects of growth hormone in the human body.  IGF-1 stimulates systemic body growth and has growth promoting effects on almost every cell in the body such as: muscle, cartilage, bone, skin, cell and others.  This ingredient can be thought of as the road map for your muscle tissue.  It directs every cell that has to do with getting bigger, faster and stronger!

  • Increased Strength
  • Unrivaled Energy
  • Improved Muscle Tone & Definition
  • Mental Clarity & Memory
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Enhanced Lean Muscle Mass
  • Phenomenal Muscle Recovery & Repair
  • AND MORE!!

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