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Marcus L. - 05/07/21

Best kept secret!

Glad my coach told me about you guys! Superdrox is automatic for bulking seasons!

Marcus L. - 05/07/21

Jordan W.  - 06/19/21

All lifts went up!

Got strong as a bull on GPR. Went from benching 350 to hitting 405 PR!!

Jordan W. - 06/19/21

Shelby P.  - 07/06/21

Down 3% bodyfat!

Love the products! Used the IGF and dropped about 10 lbs and finally got my bodyfat back in the teens!

Shelby P. - 07/06/21

Mitchell S.  - 07/22/21

Dyvarzine for the win!

Awesome supps u guys keep up the crazy products!

Mitchell S. - 07/22/21

Britney M. - 07/25/21

Fast shipping!

Thank you guys so much for rushing my order while I was on vacation! We needed more drox while visiting Venice Beach!

Britney M. - 07/25/21